I am a photographer Vilius Zlotkus fluent in English, located in Vilnius city. I have a possibility to visit all regions of Lithuania. Photography accompanied me since my childhood. Of course at beginning it was just a hobby, but this occupation gradually incorporated me more and more. I like electronics and technologies. Photography has moved to digital cameras and computers. My creativity and technological knowledge have become inseparable. The internet now allows us to share photos to the world.

I placed a large number of photos to internet. You can find them on this website. Some of the photos are taken with an older photo camera than I using now. However, they are similar by some common features, which will be important to You for choosing a photographer: sharpness, details, color, focus, composition. For some of You will be significant noise level and dynamic range of the picture.

If You like my view of the world, I want to say more about myself, about my point of view to photography. First, about a retouch. Some photographers like to edit photography pictures. Sometimes photos artificially become older by adding some effects or some parts of the human body become bigger. I don’t like to do this. If You want – be free to warn me during photo sessions. I like to get a good picture by pressing the camera button at the right time, for a right place, properly directed to the object. I will make the necessary adjustments: white balance, brightness, contrast, color. May be we will need to make a correction of geometric perspective or removal of terrible broken socket in the wall next to the bride.

I love nature, aerial photos, architecture, details and accessories. If You don’t have any idea’s for a photo session, I will suggest You to make photos in the wild nature or in the height to have open space to beautiful landscape, pick up to the hands something nice or to wear original and look for wear alternatives. I like reportage style. I think the photo with a “captured” beautiful moment is much more worth than two in special pose. Of course, in many cases we need all styles of photos and only set of different pictures will reflect the full event.

I don’t share photos of Your event or Your sessions without the written release.

I’m happy to take pictures, communicate with people, share good emotions. If You will visit Lithuania may be I will have a possibility to help You and we will meet on Your celebration or event.

Jūsų šventei

Jūsų šventei